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Features & Benefits
The MAGNETOM Altea has been designed to improve patient comfort and reduce the traditional long examination times.
At the core of its impressive acquisition speed lies our exclusive Turbo Suite allowing for up to 50% faster routine scans.

The 70cm wide and ultra short bore design of the Altea dramatically improves patient acceptance of MRI procedures by reducing claustrophobia. Light weight, flexible and patient adaptive RF receive coils offer outstanding patient comfort whilst providing high resolution images with exceptional image quality.

The Altea features Siemens Healthineers Quiet Suite technology which can significantly reduce acoustic noise, further improving the patient experience with no compromise on image quality.

New 1.5T magnet
70cm open bore combined with the shortest new MR bore on the market leading to a much better patient experience.

Improved patient experience
The virtual skylight ceiling creates a more relaxing atmosphere for patients during an MRI scan. This can reduce patient anxiety, resulting in better acceptance and improved patient experience.

Turbo Suite
Acceleration packages enable up to 50%1 faster clinical routine examinations.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Workflow
Provide highly automated scan procedures enabling faster, more comfortable & consistent imaging.

Quiet Suite
With Quiet Suite you can deliver exceptional patient care to your patients with reduction in sound pressure, without compromising our standards of high image quality.



Unique BioMatrix technology
Automatically adjusts to patient variability.
With previous MR technology the patient had to adapt to an MR scanner. With new Biomatrix technology the MR scanner adapts to the patient’s differing physiological & anatomical variants, resulting in a more comfortable & faster exam with better diagnostic outcomes.

Patient-centered coil portfolio
Powered by BioMatrix and Tim 4G technology. Brand new coils are light weight and adapt to the patient’s anatomy for a more comfortable experience.

Flared Knee 18 coil
New improved spacious design with a flared opening towards the thigh which allows for a significantly improved patient comfort, even for a large or swollen knee. The new flared knee coil provides exceptional image quality leading to improved diagnostic outcomes.


BioMatrix Shoulder Shape Coil
Brand new shoulder coil design which features flexible material that conforms to each individual patients body shape, dramatically improving patient comfort.


BioMatrix Tiltable Head & Neck with Coil Shim
The new tiltable head coil is perfectly designed for kyphotic patients and for anyone who prefers to not lie completely flat. This coil enables high quality images for improved patient diagnosis.


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